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Good news, everyone! If you haven't used the 1Password, it's a well-established password manager for windows and android and IOS devices.  They have just released a very strong update in the form with the 6.6 version for Windows -- the biggest update done for 1Password 6 since its first release back in October.

Twitter is one of the best sources of information parceled up in just 140 characters per post, yet it is filled with noise like a concert hall filled with people all waiting to take there seats for a solo performance. 

So how do we connect with the individual looking for our product or service?

by increasing the number of people your connected with in the first place. 

Lets go back to the concert hall, Think of it as four friends are talking about a service that you also want to know about, would you just sit on the side and not want to hear something about the service, would you not listen to the conversation in the hope of finding out some help information?

Well that's just how Twitter works, we can try and connect to all the people we need to talk by focusing our efforts on key people which is time consuming and much harder to make work or we can get our follows to do it for us by using content that is shareable to the wider Twitter community. 

I would like to talk about a great piece of software called “Atlantis Word Processor” this is a simple yet effective Epub that’s E-Publisher for anyone not knowing the terms that like to get used in the software industry. It lets you create a file which can be read by almost all the leading hardware and software for this sort of thing. 
We are talking about creating a book which can be read on Kindle, Apple devices, on your computer at home or on a smart device from your pocket like e-readers or mobile phones.

Fix Skype disk full error after trying to login (easy fix to try first)

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Facebook has changed the way people do a lot of things online. For example, you probably notice yourself reflexively clicking 'like' on anything your friends post on Facebook, even if it's just to acknowledge you saw it. Scammers are taking advantage of that reflex for a dangerous scam called "like-farming."


Affiliate programs are commission-based operations run by a business, whereby affiliates are paid for selling products, services or leads. Whether your business is a small individually-run site or a large company, here are some great reasons you should have an affiliate program for your business:

If you have asked yourself why should i get involved in article writing or blogging contribution, then it's time you read this!

How to choose the best storage system to improve the performance of a laptop

How to choose the best storage system to improve the performance of a laptop is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Will you need a hard disk drive (HDD), solid state drive (SSD) or a hybrid solid state drive (SSHD)? There are several important factors to consider when choosing the correct drive. Thus, none of the available solutions provide the best performance in each case. Given this, you should choose the option that would best suit your needs out of the three possible options.

Let's denote the basic selection criteria to help you decide which is the right fit to run your software and store all the files.

Facebook is always changing something if you like it or not and this time its the private messages box. For sometime a number of people who use private massages in Facebook for group services like buying and selling or job application and recruitment posts have found it frustrating to communicate with new contacts in Facebook.

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