The 15 Facts and Myths about Telecommunications

The 15 Facts and Myths about Telecommunications

Advanced Communications LLC has seen growth and constant changes in the telecommunications industry in the last 15 years. While there are many truths to the benefits this service has to offer, there are also tell-tale myths. Whether you are in the market for a new Dallas business phone system or are using the results of research to make your decision, here is a list of telecommunication facts you need to know.

Facts and Myths about Telecommunications

  1. The Federal Government of the United States saves $5.5 Billion every year with Cloud Services
  2. 67% of Information Technology (IT) employees use cloud computing services?
  3. Tablets, gaming devices, computers and televisions can be used to make and receive calls like a telephone
  4. Long distance calls cost much less when using VoIP because the internet is used as data
  5. With cloud computing becoming more mainstream, 56% of companies would prefer to hire staff with cloud expertise
  6. The telephone just so happens to be the most lucrative invention in the history of the United States
  7. You can keep your existing phone number on your Dallas business phone system when switching over to VoIP services
  8. 94% of managers in the workforce say their business security has seen an improvement after using cloud applications
  9. Cloud Computing is 40 times more cost effective for a small business when compared to the cost of running their own IT system
  10. Businesses use SIP Trunking to build virtual contact centers around the world


Myth 1:

VoIP has poor call quality
VoIP offers crystal clear phone conversations even if calls are being made between traditional phone carriers.

Myth 2:

The service is unreliable
An IP Phone system uses an internet signal and is as reliable as the bandwidth of your internet connection.  

Myth 3:

No access to 911 and emergency services  
Calls can easily be made to call 911 as well as other emergency contact services. Your exact call location can still be tracked by an emergency operator.

Myth 4:

VoIP is expensive
VoIP offers a cheap phone service with the ability to save up to 50% on your phone bill.

Myth 5:

VoIP is only good for big businesses and technology professionals
Businesses of all sizes experience benefits in call routing, network calls and voicemail with teams that are located on-site or around the world.

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