facebook changes the message service again - mail now has request folder but what is it?

Facebook is always changing something if you like it or not and this time its the private messages box. For sometime a number of people who use private massages in Facebook for group services like buying and selling or job application and recruitment posts have found it frustrating to communicate with new contacts in Facebook.

Messages sent to you could have ended up in any number of different locations like the other folder or the spam folder, instead of a single folder for all messages. Leaving many frustrated and confused as to why Facebook needs so many folders or in-boxes when standard email accounts only have two folders the in-folder and the spam folder.

So the new Facebook solution is to introduce a message requests folder, an interesting name for a folder maybe and remove the other folder which many didn't know where to find on alternative Facebook mobile applications. filtered messages, spam messages and your normal in-folder will continue to be available.

Your normal in-folder will continue to be used as the first place to look for that expected message from friends and friends of friends. so no change on Facebook's part. you can breath again now.

The other folder, is replaced so most of them new contact messages from unknown people will end up in this new message request cover all (most) folder. It not clear how the spam folder is going to understand the difference between new first contact requests messages and real spam.

The Spam folder is still around and I would expect that you should be checking this folder regularly as you can really never know what is going to go in there. so be warned!


We have just tried a post and got all the mail in the from unknown unknown users which would seem to make the spam box a thing of the passed.



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