Atlantis Word Processor Review

Atlantis Word Processor Review

I would like to talk about a great piece of software called “Atlantis Word Processor” this is a simple yet effective Epub that’s E-Publisher for anyone not knowing the terms that like to get used in the software industry. It lets you create a file which can be read by almost all the leading hardware and software for this sort of thing. 
We are talking about creating a book which can be read on Kindle, Apple devices, on your computer at home or on a smart device from your pocket like e-readers or mobile phones.

Now the interesting part about “Atlantis Word Processor” is the speed and simple operation of the program and how easy it is to simply add key press sounds, the sounds seem to really help the creative juices with each press you just want to press the next letter. So just for this single point, it’s really worth trying if your a writer who gets writer's block once in a blue moon and what is this sound I hear you cry that Atlantis has provided us. The sound is a classic typewriter sound. There are many other sounds that accompany this program all of which can be switched on and off in the options menu located under tools.

The software itself is small in size, so loads fast for that all important article that just broke your sleep and it's portable so you can store it on a USB and carry it to any computer you need too. great if your planning a trip and want to leave the laptop at home, yet still want some familiarity in the software you use.

Don’t expect a modern interface however, you feel like you have just been transported back in time to 1999 with a not so pixel perfect icon set, which somehow is pleasing. Your guaranteed to know well if you have spent any time in the last 15 or so years near a computer. The layout is all familiar coming directly from the Microsoft and Co. camp.

So how much is this little dream going to cost you, well I got my version for free from a site called, giveawayoftheday, now I should say that just because it is a freebie, doesn’t mean that it not worth every penny. If your lucky you can go directly to the link and download the application for free at

If not you can try Atlantis Word Processor on a "try-before-you-buy" basis. You can install Atlantis Word Processor to your computer, and evaluate it for up to 30 days for free.

Remember to install the extra sounds from the Atlantis Word Processor Downloads page

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