Increasing Your Twitter Following

Increasing Your Twitter Following

Twitter is one of the best sources of information parceled up in just 140 characters per post, yet it is filled with noise like a concert hall filled with people all waiting to take there seats for a solo performance. 

So how do we connect with the individual looking for our product or service?

by increasing the number of people your connected with in the first place. 

Lets go back to the concert hall, Think of it as four friends are talking about a service that you also want to know about, would you just sit on the side and not want to hear something about the service, would you not listen to the conversation in the hope of finding out some help information?

Well that's just how Twitter works, we can try and connect to all the people we need to talk by focusing our efforts on key people which is time consuming and much harder to make work or we can get our follows to do it for us by using content that is shareable to the wider Twitter community. 

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