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Buzzbundle comes in 2 (soon to be 3) levels. Free , Professional and coming soon Enterprise version. Buzz is simply packed with tons of features - that will make your life so much easier and more time efficient as well as helping you get stuck into social marketing.

Here are the main features at a glance:

Having the ability to wear different hats is a key part of the social media marketing tool kit.

Be the CEO, the Salesman, the Tech surpport and the Consultant all at the same time, or if you need to help increase the conversation count regarding your product or service start the conversation as a customer and answer the FAQ as one of the team. 

The choice and freedom to use this as you see fit really is endless.

Can you do this yourself right now, well the simple answer is yes. Can you do it with multiple accounts at a flick of a on screen button countless times without needing to login countless times no. 

The question you should ask yourself is - how much do you value your time?

Buzz Bundle explainer video in English. The Link assistant's own video does a really is a good job of explaining this amazing software package.

Check it out!


Rank Tracker has each and every feature needed for cutting-edge keyword research and rank tracking.
Look through the top-important features listed below and download the software to try them all with your own hands!

Unlimited personas and social profiles

Join discussions all over the Web as various people representing your company, or loyal customers, or whoever you wish to act like. You can add an unlimited number of social accounts to each persona.

Add existing and create brand new social profiles

You can add all the existing profiles to BuzzBundle to continue your ongoing social media campaign. No need to leave this social tool for any purpose: you can create new social profiles right from the workplace in seconds.

Easy switching between profiles

No need to log in and out, no multiple browser...   Read more

Popular SMM tools Breakdown: BuzzBundle, HootSuite, Buffer, TweetDeck

BuzzBundle is an ultimate tool for any social media activities. It fairly controls all essential social marketing tasks: managing social pages, forum and blog posts, tracking brand mentions and increasing brand awareness.

But other SMM tools are offering a lot of features and promise good results too. So we prepared a detailed review of the most popular social media management tools for you to see which one is definitely worth spending money on.

Why should i registar my interest instead of just buying BuzzBundle?

Популярность в социальных медиа, большая чем вы когда-либо могли представить.


Características de BuzzBundle

Centenares de perfiles sociales; padding-left: 16px;">
  • Cree los personajes para todas las personas/compañías que usted tiene que presentar en la red
  • Una cantidad de perfiles sociales ilimitada para cada personaje
  • Es muy fácil cambiar de personajes
  • Use los perfiles sociales existentes
  • Registre los perfiles nuevos en las redes sociales directamente a través del programa BuzzBundle

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