Canva Button integration into iconnect

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This fund raiser will allow Canva buttons to be intergrated into the Iconnect extension.

visitors will be able to create stunning images and produce quality posts and profiles in a matter of minutes.

The Canva button can be placed into the image input field using the dedicated Canva API for the button.

The user will be able to create a free account on Canva to produce the image or pay only a $1 for great stock images.

Details about how the Canva API will help the visitor can be found below:

Details about the I-connect social media extension for Joomla can be found here: 

Canva Button integration into I-connect by Tigracon the social component for Joomla.

The intergration will be available to the funders of the project, if the amount exceeds the amount required or if the developer charges less than the expected cost, the money will go into a fund to help resolve any arising issues and help to further develop the application if the need arises.

Special Terms on this build

Any money left after a period of 365 days will be donated to a charity which will benefit children in need.

If the application is not included into the Iconnect build directly due to coding requirements, any money raised via sales of the plugin will also be given to charity. Full charity details and the selection will be upto the funders or if no clear direction is made, the owners of the site will have the final say. 

It is expected that the development will be in the form of a plugin - yet to be confirmed.


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