I need the project finished and can't wait for the community to help before the build can I still use the platform?

Yes the platform allows you to request the project to be built before anyone else becomes a participant. We require the full financial cost to start work is meet. We will leave the project to run for up to 9 months to give any other community participants chance to join in with the project. Any contributions towards the project from other participants will be forwarded on to you at the end of the campaign period.  

I have seen that you already have a application advertised but, it doesn't meet my full needs, can I have something added to the build or should I create another one?

It will depend on the build requirements and can be handled in one of three ways:

  1. Small alterations, can be handled after the completion of the build, A quick add-on really isn't going to be hard to achieve in many cases. Before commiting to a build you should discuss the details with the developer as what might seem small is in reality more complicated.
  2. Large amendments and changes will require a new project altogether, however some of the work in the orginal project can still be used to help speed the process up depending on requirements.
  3. The final way is to let the project complete with your participation. If the amendments are something that others would like to have a new build and start and the process can start again.

I am a developer and get asked about making applications all the time, but sometimes clients find it difficult to fund a build individually. Can I use the platform to promote my clients requirements and still head the project?

We are more than happy for you to use the platform to make applications for your clients, however we need to confirm a few things to get you the funding you need. Please contact us to discuss your build and your client requirements and remember we are always looking for new talent to join our outsourcing developer group.

I am a website designer, can I use a completed project on more than one website for example?

We will try to follow the same rules as the platform the application is created for, for example all wordpress application projects will be open for use on your sites or your clients sites for as long as required. However the selling or distribution of the application is prohibited by the participiants.

How can I show my commitment to a build that is already advertised?

A contribution is required to show that you are interested in the build. The contribution is normally a set amount shown as a minimum contribution on the application details page. If no minimum is shown then the amount is open to your discretion.

Why is there no minium contribution 

To keep the platform flexible to our users, we have left the contribution amount open to provide the greater level of flexibility. Some creators like to  participants will want to increase contribution sizes to help get the project into 

I have made a contribution, the time has lapsed on the project will I get a refund?

A full refund is made to all participating contributors of the project within 45 days of the project lapsing. We allow this time for the group to find ways to fund the project either by further funding from the contributors or for a new contributor to complete the remaining funding. End users are not required to make any further contributions, this is purely optional depending on how great the need is for the application to be built. We would expect that new contributors will come available for most projects to complete with this time. If you still require the project you can relist the project for another chance of a project build.

I have a project that I really need completed quickly, what can I do to get the build quicker?

The more that a project collaboration is talked about the more chance of the project being successful and the faster it will be completed. We would recommend that you talk about your idea on facebook, twitter and any other social media site that will help to bring the right attention to the project. The more people that look at the available projects the more they will participate.

A further option is for the participates to work together to meet the project financial goal, any individual can increase the funding amount for the project. 

I have just missed a collaboration, can I get involved?

In some cases a project can be purchased 3 months after the complete development date*. We use the sale proceeds to help fund continued development of a project and platform.  We hope to welcome new participants wherever possible, however licensing for these purchases will be for shorter periods and will be on a case by case bases depending on the project so, it always best to be one of the main funding participants in a project.

Special note - In some cases the project will only be open to the first participants of the collaboration project. 
* The completion date is different to the project fund date

What application operating platforms can I use? 

The world is a big place and many people need application built regardless of the platform or operating system.  Some platforms we know people use are Joomla, Wordpress, magento, Laravel, Ruby on rails, ios, android, Apple and windows etc. Regardless of the platform, We can list a project if it's possible to construct the required project on that platform. If you are unsure then please ask our projects team for confirmation.

How long can I use the application for?

You can use the application for as long as you like. If you need amendments made to the code or if you need assistance after the build this can be arranged on a case by case basis, future develpment and also be listed on the platform.

I have posted a project and it has been amended or cancelled. Why?

The Guru reserves the right to amend any part of the advertised project in the interest of all participants. 

Can I get access to the code to use in another project?

The Guru will retain all rights to the completed project, its code and all privileges, We to this allow the code to remain available for all funding participants, if you require the code for commercial use you should contact us for further details regarding that project.

How long will I have to wait for the completed project once work has started?

The aim is to get the work completed as quickly as possible, as each project is custom built it's almost impossible to give guidelines on delivery expectations before developer assessment. However we will always aim to get the developer to give an estimated delivery for the completed project. In most cases a developer team will receive financial payment on project completion or at set stages (milestones) along the project process. It is always in the interest of the developer to complete a project within a agreed schedule for this reason.

I have just received my completed project, but it has issues, what can I do?

We have in place, many save guides to help our community to get the most from a project. The first step is to check the description of the project, next is to check your project groups page to see if it's an easy fix or if something that has been missed. The developer will be available in your community project group to answer any questions and to help you get started. If you still have problems or issues you should use the customer services area of the site for further assistance. 

Can I do anything to help get my project of to a flying start?

The more poeple that know about your project the better, try and send people to the campaign to help the process out. We find that going to forums, posting on social networking sites like facebook and twitter can really help a project get the funding it needs.