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What is Crowd Application Building©

Crowd building runs in the same way as crowd funding, except that it is aimed at the software market. The idea of crowdfunding projects is not a new one and the idea of crowd Application Building or Crowd Application Production©, is simply bring a group of people together who need great software coded.

A project can have just two end users or as many as you like, say thousands of end users. If the project is in a specialist niche and only a single end user wants the build, the project can still go ahead by using the platform to find a developer able to complete the project by calling on the experience of the community.




Why have a application built using crowd building

By working together a collective group can normally request features that would make it unaffordable for a single user and the great part is that the costs, experiences and design ideas can be shared by the participants using our Crowd Application Community© groups. But lets take a quick look at how things are normally done to see the big difference.

Most good software applications are constructed using the concept of after build purchase, we build it then you purchase it! This leaves the specifications in the hands of the production company and the end user gets little say in the final product.

Expensive freelance or custom designer options have long been a popular choice for end users to meet this shortage in design, however financial commitment by a singular end user can make it an expensive option. 

But we still need the shortfall filled?

Many people need applications that are custom designed to fulfil many purposes from 'a few lines of code to automate data entry' to 'a full application which can produce custom document processing'. The list of requirements for custom built applications in the modern world is ever increasing. 

Many projects can fulfil more than one task and the chances that a single end user is the only one who needs this task completed is going to be relatively low when we look at web designing, application construction or extension building as examples.

A simple solution 

Crowd Application Production© or Crowd Application Building© is born. We take care of the whole process by collecting all the participants together, gaining financial commitment for the project, sourcing trusted developers and distributing the final application to all the participants in the project. A complete solution for the Custom Application Market©.

Parts to creating your own project

Creating a Project

1  Think about how long you want to wait for the project to finish, if you are needing the project quickly, give it a shorter start and finish date. Remember to allow enough time for other community users to see your project and help you with the financial costs.

2  Give the project an estimated cost in United States Dollars (USD) that you think will allow the application to be built. We will give it a final quote once the developers have given it the once over. 

3  Give the project a short description, include the platform, the main goal(s) or tasks. If there is room you can always give examples of its use and any other benefits that the project could provide to community. don't worry if you don't have room the full description is next.

4  A full description of the project with as much detail as possible. This description will also be our roadmap for the project and anyone reading about your project needs to understand it. The developer will add a description to your to outline of the project when providing the final quote.


  You are given the option to add pictures to the project discription and to give the project its image. This is a great chance to show the community what you want from the project with images, screen shots and to provide an advert for the project. 

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The Guru will do the rest

1  We will review the project, it's aims and it goals and help you with the discription to get the most out of the build where ever possible before it goes live into the community.  

  The Guru will collect financial commitment from all participants. The build will start once the target in USD has been reached.



  Arrange for a developer to work on the project by selected tender. We use a range of developers, freelancers and companies to complete the project however if you can find or have a developer in mind let us know, we are always looking for new developer tenders with the skills to do the job.

4  We will keep you updated on the progress and status of the project and let you know when the job is completed together with the other project participants. On completion of the project, the final application will be sent to you for review and feedback.

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Cut your costs and use the Crowd Application Builder© available for any platform - only from the Software Review Guru

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